Essential Cat Brushes Every Cat Needs

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The essential cat brush for your cat

Like any proud cat, I value my fur coat. I take care of it by washing myself often and thoroughly. However, using my tongue to remove those loose hairs can lead to annoying hairballs. That’s why I appreciate a good cat brush which will help me to look great every day!

comfortable cat

Having a healthy fur coat is important to us. It does not only protect us from weather conditions but also helps us to regulate our body temperature. Since we don’t like coughing up hairballs and you don’t like cleaning up our mess, a regular combing session would serve us both.

Plus if done right we will reward you by purring like maniacs! 😻

There are many different types of cat brushes on the market:

  •       Combs for cats with short or long hair
  •       Special cat gloves that catch hairs
  •       Cat brushes that help to reduce pet dander.
  •       Flea combs

A good cat brush will not only remove the loose hairs and pet dander but also removes the dirt from our fur and helps to reduce hairballs. By combing us you will also prevent loose hairs from lying around on the floor, the couch and our cat beds.

Together with my owner, I have tried out three different types of combs to see which is the ideal cat brush.

Cat Brushing Glove

Quick facts
Pros: cheap, waterproof
Cons: not 100% effective

A great way to catch those loose hairs from your cat is by using the cat brushing glove.Cat Brushing Glove

It’s a glove which consists of many soft silicone tips which will catch the hairs and mimics you petting a cat. Ideal for those cats who don’t really like to be brushed, but love a good old petting session like me. Because of the waterproof material, you can also use this glove when you are giving your cat a bath.

The cat glove is a cheap solution which catches the hairs on the surface but there are a few downsides to the brushing glove. First of all, it does not reach the hairs close to my skin, nor will it properly remove dirt or pet dander. It only removes the loose hairs that are on the surface of my fur coat.

The second problem I have heard my owners complain about is that the glove, unlike a cat comb, doesn’t hold the hairs very well. When brushing your cat, you will notice that the hairs don’t always stick to the glove and will fall onto the ground or on your lap.

The last point of concern is that the glove comes as a one size fits all, but if you have big hands (like my owner) they won’t fit.

So given the fact that it does a good job in quickly removing dead hairs, is loved by all cats and costs less than $10, I would recommend using the brushing glove as a complementary tool alongside a proper cat comb.

Regular cat brush

Quick facts
Pros: affordable, waterproof, hold hairs very well, easy to clean
Cons: not 100% effective for hairs close to the skin

Then we have your ordinary everyday cat brush. The one you can buy at your local pet shop, at Walmart or on Amazon. These type of cat brushes are usually combs which have a pad consisting of flexible thin pins made of metal or plastic. This is also one of my favorite combs!

essential cat comb with metal pinsThese cat brushes catch all the hairs and hold on to them. Besides the hairs on the surface, they also do a pretty decent job catching the ones close to my skin.

Some people seem to think that the metal pins are painful to us, but they aren’t.
Go ahead. Try it on your own hand. Press the brush against your hand and you will notice that these pins bend easily and they won’t hurt you.
Besides if they would hurt us you would know…hissss

Great Cat brushes for under $10

Safari Soft Bristle Brush for Cats

HARTZ Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Cat Brush

Femonden Pet Grooming Brush

Most cat owners have a pair of these regular combs lying around in the house and it makes total sense. They are cheap and effective. They remove the majority of the loose hairs and are easy to clean. Overall they are a perfect fit for the job.

High-end cat brushes – The Furminator

Quick facts
Pros: Waterproof, highly effective, recommended by professionals and vets, special versions for long- and short haired cat breeds
Cons: Can be pricey if you don’t shop around

For cats and their owners who only want and demand the best, there is the Furminator.

long hair cat furminator combFURminator Deshedding for cats

The Furminator is probably the most popular cat comb in the world. The comb does not only come in a variety of colors but more importantly, is also available as a comb for short-haired cats and a special Furminator for long hair cat breeds.

The short hair Furminator is suitable for cats with a hair length of approximately 2 inches (5cm) and for cats with longer hairs, you should pick the long hair version of this highly praised brush.

Because of its effectiveness in trimming hairs close to the body without hurting the cat, this comb comes highly recommended by grooming professional, pet deshedders, pet trimmers, and veterinarians.

Using the Furminator will result in fewer hairballs and the manufacturer claims that the comb will reduce the number of hairs we will lose by 90%! Every cat who gets spoiled with a combing session will end up looking like a true star. All healthy, sparkling and shiny!

Another important benefit is that these brushes do not contain any toxic material like cadmium, lead or any other harmful substance. It shows me the manufacturers truly cares about the animals’ well-being…and yes, I don’t know why but… they even care for dogs 😁.

Great news for those who need a new brush or want to upgrade to the best comb on the market.
The original Furminator brushes used to come at a pretty hefty price tag of around $50. For most people, this is a lot of money to spend on a cat brush. 

Furminator on sale

Large pet retailers like Chewy and Petsmart sell the long hair Furminator for around $38, but if you want to save yourself some (serious) money, you might want to check out Amazon as the  Furminator is currently on sale!


If you are a cat like me who likes to be brushed and spoiled, I would tell my owners to use a combination of all combs. The cat glove feels nice and grabs those loose hairs, the regular cat brush removes more hairs, the pet dander, and other dirt. And a big bonus, it makes me feel comfortable and has me even expose my belly!
And to get rid of all the underlying hairs, there is the Furminator to provide that finishing touch. This one definitely gets my paw of approval!

Which cat brushes do you use to keep your cat clean and healthy? Let me know in the comments!




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