Best Halloween Pet Costumes For 2018

Pirate kitty costume

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Best Halloween Costumes For Pets

It’s almost that time of the year again. People dressing up in scary costumes and kids ‘trick or treating’.
That’s right! Halloween 2018 is upon us! Are you ready?

Perhaps you have already sorted out this year’s costumes for the kids and for yourself. Bought a ton of spooky decorations to turn your house into a creepy terrifying place, but what about the cat or your dog? If the whole family is getting dressed up, that means the pets too!

Luckily there are some pretty scary, vicious and funny (but still cute) costumes for pets these days.

Remember the video of the dog with a spider costume that went viral? Hilarious and scary at the same time. Imagine running into such a ‘creature’ at night! Yikes!

If you haven’t seen it, watch the video below. I’ll guarantee you will love it!

And for you creative people out there, here you can find the instructions for making such a spider costume for dogs yourself.

But if you (like many of us) don’t have the time to create such a great costume, don’t worry.
You too can turn your pet into a terrifying, fearless monster for one night.
These are some of the best Halloween pet costumes you can buy on Amazon for just a few bucks.

Pirate Kitty

Pirate costumes for pets

Arrr! Turn any cute adorable cat or (small) dog into a ‘mean’ looking pirate!
The only thing that’s missing is a parrot and a wooden leg.

No, wait. Who am I kidding, they still look adorable! Look at them! 😹

Lion costumes for cats and dogs

lion mane costumes for pets

Does your cat always pretend to be a lion by sneaking up on the local wildlife? Or have you ever wondered what is necessary to have your Golden Retriever change from man’s best friend into a ferocious maneater? All it takes is a lions’ mane!

Well, for the looks at least. Lucky for us their attitude does not change towards humans when wearing these lion manes.

Star Wars pet costumes

star wars pet costumes

For the many Star Wars fans out there, you are going to love these.
You can turn your cat or dog into a Stormtrooper riding its Dewback, a Chewbacca or even Darth Vader. Let the force be with your pets this Halloween!

Other great pet costumes

great pet costume ideas

Perfect for Halloween is the Ghostbuster pet costume to scare off the ghouls and goblins.
If that doesn’t work, perhaps the scary creatures will be intimidated by Spiderman cat, a mean looking cowboy, a witch or a devilish (good looking) cat or Donald Duck!

Scary dog muzzles

Scary is probably the last word which comes to mind when you see all these costumes. Funny, cute, sweet and adorable are more appropriate terms.

Perhaps not for everyone, but if you happen to own a (big) dog and want to something special that will freak people out and give them a proper fright. Check out some of these truly scary muzzles. It looks as if these dogs just walked off the set of Games of Thrones. Perfect for Halloween!

This is the actual muzzle from the video.
Werewolf scary dog muzzle

And here are some alternatives guaranteed to give people a fright.


As you can see there are many great costumes for cats and dog out there!
There is always something which will help your cat or dog to stand out in the pictures or at the Halloween party!

Have fun picking the right costume and don’t forget to share your photos with other pet lovers!

Happy Halloween everyone!

X Misha


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