Best Cat Litter For Your Cat

wooden cat pellet litter

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Best cat litter for your cat

Let’s talk about cat litter for a moment. You might think what’s the big deal, right?
It’s just some necessary material that goes into the cat litter box and is supposed to absorb stuff and somehow keep it clean for a couple of days right?


To us cats, litter is important and you should give it a second thought about what type of cat litter you want to use.

Let me explain what types of cat litter are available on the market today and what you should be looking for when deciding what type of litter is best for your cat.

There are two types of cat litter. The all-natural products like pellets made of wood, walnuts, corn, paper, beet pulp, coconut or dried grass. And there are the mineral based litter types like Bentonite and Silica.

All these different types of litter have their pros and cons.
When you choose a litter you probably ask yourself:

    • Does it keep bad odors away?
    • Does it have low tracking?
    • Does it allow me to clean the litter box easily?
    • In case of allergies or asthma, is the litter dust free?
    • How much does the litter cost?

To us cats, we care only about the first two points. But what perhaps matters most to us is:

“Does it feel right on my paws when I step into my litter box?”

Mishas’ Advice: When you try any new type of cat litter, do yourself a favor and buy the smallest quantity possible to see if your cat likes it. If they don’t, you better have an alternative ready or things could get messy.

Let’s have a look at the best cat litter on the market.

All Natural Cat Litter Pellets
wooden cat pellets

Let’s start with an all natural material, which is becoming more and more popular. Pellets! This type of cat litter is 100% natural, often biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It contains zero chemicals!

The fact that wood pellets do not clutter and absorb really well make them very popular among cat owners.
However, like many cats, I am quite fussy about my litter, and wood pellets are not my favorite 🙁

In case you have a kitten, mind you that wood pellets are ideal because they don’t clutter and are therefore safe. Just like human babies, kittens have a habit of chewing on things and swallowing stuff. Whether clumping litter is dangerous is up for debate. Some say the litter can be dangerous for kittens if it ends up in their stomachs. Veterinarians have said that there is absolutely no proof of this and there is no reason to be concerned. In any case. Just to be sure when a young kitten licks or chews on cat litter, perhaps you want to go with natural pellets. Better safe than sorry.

Positives – Cheap, low tracking, environmentally friendly, absorbs well, kitten friendly
Negatives – Average odor control, does not clutter as well as clay-based litter solutions.

These are three of Amazons’ best selling 100% natural cat litters with many positive reviews and attractive prices.

  1. Feline Pine Cat Litter 
  2. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pellet Refills 
  3. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter 

Mineral based cat litter – Bentonite clay

The majority of cat owners use this type of cat litter and it’s also my favorite! Bentonite clay is used in many products, especially in the beauty industry. The high concentration of minerals in Bentonite make it ideal for cleansing and detox products. Think about that the next time you have a facial mask 😛

Bentonite is especially known for its absorption qualities which makes it ideal for cat litter. This stuff also clutters very well, so it makes it easy for humans to scoop it up. Please do this at least once a day will you? (Thanks on behalf of your cat).  We cats love it because it’s not only very fine material, but also a pleasure to dig around and cover up our business.

Bentonite cat litter

Another important benefit is that it’s cheap and widely available. The stuff you buy at your local supermarket is most likely cat litter made of bentonite clay.

There are only two downsides to bentonite litter. Especially the cheap ones can contain a lot of dust. This is an important thing to keep in mind if you have any allergies or asthma. Dust clouds are harmful to both your and your cats’ lungs.

The dust also gets into our fur and between our paws and that’s why we sometimes drag some stones throughout the house (sorry!) But that’s an easy thing to solve when you use a clever
cat litter mat which catches all the stones and prevents us from dragging it throughout the house.

Positives – absorb liquids very well, economical, widely available, prevent smells, great clutter, feels natural on cat paws, it’s easy to clean
Negatives – Needs to be cleaned often, some produce a high concentration of dust, tracking issues because it sticks to our paws.



Mineral based cat litter – Silica

Last but not least, silica cat litter. Silica litter is made of small crystallized pellets which hold bad smells and liquids exceptionally well. These crystallized pellets come in a variety of colors ranging from white to bright blue or purple and are often perfumed.

silicia cat litter crystals

Perhaps other cats love this, but it freaks me out if my litter box contains silica cat litter! It does not feel good on my paws and the smell is not something I can get used to. Personally, I prefer bentonite over all others.

Anyway, let’s sum up the pros and cons here.

Positives – Completely dust free, it holds smells and liquids very well, it is affordable, the litter box needs changing less often and low tracking.
Negatives – Most silica litters come with a perfume, can feel unnatural to cats, average cluttering

So there you have it. Now you know everything there is to know about the three types of cat litter and are familiar with the positive and negative aspects of each one.

The next time you go shopping for cat litter, do not only look at the price. Also look at their absorption capabilities and odor control. You will do yourself and your cat a huge favor.

Let me know in the comments which type of litter your cat likes and share your experiences with fellow cat owners!

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