Are Dreamies cat treats healthy?


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Dreamies Cat Treats are some of the most popular treats in the market. And for a good reason. They are by far my favorite cat treats!¬†ūüėĽ

Personally, I am crazy about the chicken flavored treats! But Dreamies come in a variety of delicious flavors like tuna, beef, cheese or turkey.

Originally manufactured in Canada but sold all across the world.
In Europe, they are also known as Catisfactions cat treats or Temptations cat treats.

These delicious extras are made by Mars Petcare, which is a subsidiary of Mars.
Now we all know Mars as the producer of chocolate bars (e.g. Mars & Milky Way),¬†therefore I asked myself…

Are Dreamies cat treats good for your cat?

Just because their products taste good, doesn’t mean they are good.
Mars isn’t exactly known for products with a high nutritional value. So let us have a look at what Dreamies are made of.

What’s inside Dreamies cat treats

Each cat treat is relatively low in calories. They contain just under 2 calories per treat.
The recommended amount of Dreamies you can feed your cat depends on the size of your cat. The table below shows you the recommended daily amount of treats you can give your cat based on its weight.

Cat Weight Serving Size
5 to 10 lbs (2.3 to 4.5 kg) 5 to 7
10 to 15 lbs (4.5 to 6.8 kg) 7 to 10
Over 15 lbs. (Over 6.8 kg) 10 to 12

Mars also suggests that Dreamies treats can be used as a main meal. Your cat might agree (since they taste so great), but would you live off a Milky Way diet?¬†Didn’t think so.¬† A cat treat should be considered as a treat, which means something complementary. It should never replace the cats’ main meal. Your cat might miss out on essential nutrients and vitamins which could jeopardize its health.

Cereals, fat, animal derivatives and added vitamins are the main ingredients of Dreamies.
They contain at least 4% of meat and are pretty high in protein and fat.

Because of the high level of proteins, these treats are NOT suitable for cats with kidney problems. A better alternative would be the treats from Vetriscience which are lower in proteins and designed for cats with renal disease.

Dreamies also contain a lot of added vitamins. Which is great!
Let’s have a closer look at the vitamins they have added to these treats.

cat treats

Vitamin A

There is a high concentration of vitamin A which support the cats’ immune¬†system, it’s muscles, vision, and the skin. The daily recommended quantity of this vitamin is 9000/IU for an adult cat. Dreamies provide over 6000/IU, so your cat will get plenty of Vitamin A when they eat these treats. And that’s¬†a great thing because unlike vitamin C, cats do not produce vitamin A on their own.

Vitamin B1

This type of vitamin helps to process the carbs your cat eats and stimulates growth. Dreamies contain 9.9 mg of B1 per 100 grams.

Vitamin B2

A pretty essential vitamin which helps to keep a healthy skin and fur coat and it plays an important role in the metabolism. Vitamin B2 can be found in natural products like poultry, eggs or milk.
A deficiency in B2 can lead to severe weight loss and even renal disease. So its a great additive to these treats.

Vitamin B6

Another vitamin¬†which helps with the metabolism. Your cat stores B6 in its muscles and normally gets these vitamins from their daily food. However, a lot of B6 goes to waste when it’s heated during the manufacturing process. Therefore B6 is always welcome in the form of treats or natural foods like milk, meats, and vegetables.

Misha eating her favorite chicken Dreamies cat treats
Misha eating her favorite chicken flavored Catisfactions treats

Vitamin D3

D3 is essential for building strong bones, stimulate muscle growth and nerve control. There are scary stories on the internet about vitamin D poisoning, but this relates to cleaning material which somehow also contains vitamins (who would have guessed that) and end up in your cat by licking these detergents.
Vitamin D is pretty safe and essential for cats since they – unlike humans – don’t get it from the sun. their body can’t process it as humans do. So getting some additional vitamin D from treats is welcome.

Vets recommend 500 IU per kg for an adult cat per day. Your cat would need to eat 2 packages of Dreamies per day to exceed the recommended amount. If you stick to the recommended daily dose, there is no need to worry that your cat gets too many D3 vitamins.

Vitamin E

And finally, Dreamies cat treats contain extra vitamin E. This vitamin is known to help with the skin repair process and is specially added to foods that contain fish. A study has proven that diets which are high in fatty acids can lead to a deficiency in vitamin E.

So don’t feed your cat salmon or tuna meals only, but mix it up by giving them beef and chicken based meals from time to time.


Dreamies cat treats are not bad for your cat. It is rich in vegetable-based protein, has fats, cereals and a nice amount of important vitamins every cat needs. It does have antioxidants and colorants added to make them look more attractive.

Cats love these treats and just as long you give them every once in a while and don’t exceed the recommended daily doses, you will see your cat happy and it will contribute to its wellbeing.

If you want to know more about the different types of vitamins your cat needs, you might want to check out our post on the best vitamins for your cat.

Misha enjoying Catisfaction

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