Healthy dry cat food

  The 5 healthiest dry cat foods you can buy today If you want to keep your cat healthy, active and happy at all times you want to give them…

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Woman suffering allergies

Living with cat allergies

People often underestimate how serious pet allergies can be. Sure you can get itchy eyes to the point you want to spoon them out or you can be sneezy and…

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Pirate kitty costume

Best Halloween Pet Costumes For 2018

Best Halloween Costumes For Pets It’s almost that time of the year again. People dressing up in scary costumes and kids ‘trick or treating’. That’s right! Halloween 2018 is upon…

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Are Dreamies cat treats healthy?

Dreamies Cat Treats are some of the most popular treats in the market. And for a good reason. They are by far my favorite cat treats! 😻 Personally, I am crazy…

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Best Vitamins For Cats

The Best Vitamins for Cats We all buy our cat food at the supermarket, at our local pet shop or online. But how many of us actually pay attention to…

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Vet with cat

What to do when your cat has a kidney disease

What to do when your cat has a kidney disease Cats with kidney problems. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common diseases among cats. Especially older cats suffer often…

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Best Dust Free Cat Litter Test

15 Best Dust Free Cat Litter of 2018

15 Best Dust Free Cat Litter of 2018 In a previous article, I have explained the 2 different types of cat litter for your litter box. You can either choose…

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Girl with Hypoallergenic Cat

Guide to Hypoallergenic Cats

Pets are the best, that’s what my human companions believe at least. Sadly, some people cannot feel the warmth of having a cat roam the house all day, all because…

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wooden cat pellet litter

Best Cat Litter For Your Cat

Best cat litter for your cat Let’s talk about cat litter for a moment. You might think what’s the big deal, right? It’s just some necessary material that goes into…

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cat brush

Essential Cat Brushes Every Cat Needs

The essential cat brush for your cat Like any proud cat, I value my fur coat. I take care of it by washing myself often and thoroughly. However, using my tongue…

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